Anatomy of the Grand Canyon

Anatomy of the Grand Canyon by W. Kenneth Hamblin

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If you have been looking for an informative geology book with a lot of big colorful photos, then this is the book you want.  The book takes panorama size photos of different locations within the Grand Canyon, and in small text labels the rock layers and names of different features.  With each photo a couple of paragraphs help in explaining what is happening in the photo.  The book includes both photos from the Colorado River and from the rims looking down.  This is a great book for someone who is going to the Grand Canyon for the first time, as well as a river guide who has been down the river over 100 times.  This is a must have book for anyone interested in Geology, rafting the Grand Canyon, hiking the Grand Canyon or exploring the points on the rims.

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  1. Nancy Redfern says:

    Hi I realize this online post about the book “Anatomy of the Grand Canyon” is a few years old, however just wondering if you might still have a copy for sale. If you could email me either way, or have a suggestion of where I might find the book.

    Thank you, Nancy

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