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A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon

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FEATURED BOOK OF THE WEEK A FIELD GUIDE TO THE GRAND CANYON by Stephen Whitney, 2nd edition (soft cover) $19.95 An extremely comprehensive field guide for Grand Canyon rafters that includes birds, wildflowers, cacti, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies, trees and shrubs, ferns, rocks, and fish. Also includes information on fossils, human artifacts, canyon history, […]

The Very Hard Way

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FEATURED BOOK OF THE WEEK THE VERY HARD WAY, BERT LOPER AND THE COLORADO RIVER, by Brad Dimock Bert Loper was born in 1869 the very day that John Wesley Powell discovered the confluence of the San Juan and Colorado Rivers. Loper spent much of his life devoted to those two streams. Orphaned and abused, […]

Upset in Upset

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FEATURED BOOK OF THE WEEK: UPSET IN UPSET, a Monograph by Amil Quayle This memoir is about an experience Amil Quayle had on his 2nd run as a guide through the Grand Canyon in 1966. He was alone with a family of four, a 33-foot surplus pontoon raft, one outboard motor, and no communication equipment […]

There’s This River: Grand Canyon Boatman Stories

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FEATURED BOOK OF THE WEEK: THERE’S THIS RIVER – Grand Canyon Boatman Stories edited by Christa Sadler $17.95 Boatmen always have a story to tell. You’ll hear many of them on your river trip. In the book, you can read many more. It’s a fun and enjoyable anthology by people who love the Grand Canyon […]

The Grand Canyon Reader

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FEATURED BOOK OF THE WEEK: THE GRAND CANYON READER edited by Lance Newman The CRATE family was excited when Lance’s book was recently published. Lance worked as a CRATE guide in the early days of his rafting career while pursing a PhD at Brown University. He is now a professor of English at Westminster College […]


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