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by Bronze Black

This map can be purchased at the CRATE BOOKSTORE for $10.00

The Grand Canyon Map and Guide is a comprehensive resource for Grand Canyon National Park, covering the entire Grand Canyon from Lake Powell to Lake Mead.  It contains a thorough review of geology, plants, animals, and human history.  Beautiful color photographs illustrate many features and key locations.  It is great for sightseeing and perfect for a day hike, backpack trip, or raft adventure!  This map has been used in educational exhibits in Grand Canyon National Park as well as the National Geographic Visitor Center near Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon Map and Guide labels all of the major side canyons, Colorado River rapids, points along the rim and all the major buttes, and temples within the

Grand Canyon. Author, Bronze Black has combined his background in geology, graphic design, and river running to produce this unique, compact, and educational map.  2nd edition 2008, 22 x 30 inch poster, folds to 4.5 x 11 inches, water-proof, tearproof.

Upset in Upset

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Story about Upset Rapid in the Grand Canyon

Amil Quayle's Story About Upset Rapid


UPSET IN UPSET, a Monograph by Amil Quayle

This memoir is about an experience Amil Quayle had on his 2nd run as a guide through the Grand Canyon in 1966. He was alone with a family of four, a 33-foot surplus pontoon raft, one outboard motor, and no communication equipment other than signaling mirrors and panels. Those were the days when you hardly ever saw other rafting parties, so when disaster struck at Upset Rapid, Quayle had no one but himself and the help of one of the passengers, to get everyone off the river safely. This epic achievement has been a part of the guiding community lore for for more than 40 years, but like most stories that are retold time and time again, some things needed to be set right. Amil recalls the details in a nicely crafted story that will show you what river running was like “in the old days.”

$5.00 + Shipping and Handling (Can be autographed by the author on request.)

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The Grand Canyon Reader

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edited by Lance Newman

The CRATE family was excited when Lance’s book was recently published. Lance worked as a CRATE guide in the early days of his rafting career while pursing a PhD at Brown University. He is now a professor of English at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. His love of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River and his experience as a guide, provided a unique perspective for the readings included in this anthology. Lively tales written by unschooled river runners, unabashedly popular fiction, and personal memoirs stand alongside finely crafted literary works that represent five centuries of human experience in the Grand Canyon. The cover is a painted by CRATE Guide Kimo Nelson, and the first selection is the “Grand Canyon,” poem by rafting icon and our life-long friend, Amil Quayle. Each and every selection is absorbing and never boring. You will love this book, and so will anyone else who has an affinity for the Canyon.

Retail: $19.95
Friends of CRATE Price: $15.00 + Shipping and Handling (Can be autographed by the author on request.)

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