Westwater Canyon Rafting

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“A river is the cosiest of friends. You must love it and live with it before you can know it.”

G.W. Curtis

Nestled deep in the narrow gorge of the Upper Colorado River and along the stunning sandstone cliffs of the Utah-Colorado state line, Westwater Canyon is one of the renowned spots for Moab River rafting. With its swirling pools and exciting rapids, this canyon provides the perfect water sports adventure for both thrill-seekers and first-time rafters.

Westwater Rafting Hailed as “The World’s Best Short Whitewater Trip” by National Geographic Magazine, Westwater Canyon boasts of sceneries that never fail to wow vacationers and locals alike. Moab river rafting offers a stunning landscape of multi-colored sedimentary rocks surrounded by Precambrian rock, creating a mini version of the Grand Canyon. In addition to the scenery, the river plunges through about 10 class III-IV rapids, making for exciting whitewater rafting.

Have a Whitewater Experience near Moab

Westwater Canyon has become the ultimate Moab rafting destination. Colorado River & Trail Expeditions offers both one-day and two-day Westwater Canyon rafting expeditions on the Colorado River. The two-day expedition allows for more off-river hiking and a more leisurely river rafting trip.

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions will prepare everything you need for your canyon rafting expedition. We’ll supply waterproof bags, sleeping kits, tents, chairs, rafting equipment, kitchenware, and toilet and bathroom facilities. We will also provide round-trip transportation from the meeting place.

Experience the Ultimate Westwater Canyon Rafting Adventure

Colorado River & Trail Expeditions redefines thrill and outdoor adventure with our Moab River rafting expeditions.

Book your river rafting adventure today. Contact us by email or by calling 801-268-1193 for more information about available Moab River trips.

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1-Day Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip

Our one-day Westwater Canyon rafting trip is great for experiencing the rollicking rapids of the Colorado River. Round trip transportation from the meeting place is included in the cost of the trip.

2-Day Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip

Our two-day Westwater Canyon rafting trip has it all. There are exciting rapids, superb scenery, and ample time to explore historic sites and natural wonders. Round trip transportation from the meeting place is included in the cost of the trip.

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