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Grand Canyon Multi-Sport Raft and Ranch

2015 Dates Still Available: April 15-17, May 8-10, June 4-6, June 26-28, August 21-24, September 14-17

Why Take a Grand Canyon Raft and Ranch Trip?

*Easy Logistics From Las Vegas
*Not a large time commitment
*Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting
*1-Night at the Bar 10 Ranch with Activities
*1 or 2 nights camping along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
*Helicopter Ride
*Scenic Flight

Experience the Grand Canyon in Less Time

To raft the entire length of the Grand Canyon takes a minimum of 8-days plus all of the travel time getting to and from Las Vegas, Flagstaff, or another meeting location. Shorter trips in the upper part of the Grand Canyon require hiking 9 miles from river to rim or rim to river. The great thing about our raft and ranch trips is they don't require the time commitment of a longer trip and participants meet the rafts at the river via helicopter.

Trips Meet in Las Vegas

The meeting point for our Raft and Ranch trips is Las Vegas, NV. Las Vegas is a great departure point because it is so easy to get to and offers an abundance of activities ranging from hiking to spas and shows.

Scenic Flight

Our Ranch and Raft Grand Canyon Vacation begins with a scenic flight from Las Vegas to the Bar 10 Ranch on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. During the flight guests get spectacular views of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

The Bar 10 Ranch

Rafting and Camping along the Colorado River is the highlight of this trip, but the opportunity to stay at the Bar 10 Ranch and partake in the activities at the ranch is a really nice addition. The Bar 10 Ranch is beautifully secluded with its lodge within viewing distance of the Grand Canyon. The ranch is entirely self-sustained – generating electricity from Solar Panels and collecting water from a natural springs on the Arizona Strip. In addition to being a guest ranch the ranch is also a working cattle ranch who sells natural range free grass fed beef. While at the ranch guests will have the opportunity to take part in Ranch activities including Skeet Shooting, Horseback Riding, Hiking, and ATV rides.

Helicopter Ride To Meet the Rafts

After a night at the ranch, guests will board a helicopter and take a short thrilling helicopter ride from the rim of the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado River where the rafts will be patiently waiting. Once at the rafts, guests will be receive waterproof bags, be fitted with life jackets, and given an orientation on safety and protecting and preserving the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Rafting

Now the real fun begins! While on the river, you will experience Grand Canyon whitewater, hike to interesting historical and geological sights, play in waterfalls, and enjoy the wonder of a star-filled night sky from our campsites on the shores of the river. A river trip is something that must be experienced to fully appreciate. These days the opportunity to unplug from the internet and get away from the phone is a becoming harder to find. Families and individuals will appreciate the opportunity to bond with one another and enjoy the company of others in the most spectacular place in the world.

End of Trip Logistics

On the last day of the trip, guests will either ride out on our rafts or be jet boated across the headwaters of Lake Mead to Pearce Ferry. At Pearce Ferry guests will be transported back to Las Vegas via Van or Motorcoach. You can expect to be back to Las Vegas around 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Grand Canyon Multi-Sport Ranch and Raft Dates and Rates
Call Now to reserve Your Space 1-800-253-7328

2015 • 20162017

Grand Canyon Multi-Sport Ranch and Raft Dates and Rates
Call Now to reserve Your Space 1-800-253-7328

2015 • 2016 • 2017

Grand Canyon Multi-Sport Ranch and Raft Dates and Rates
Call Now to reserve Your Space 1-800-253-7328

20152016 • 2017

Grand Canyon Multi-Sport
Ranch and Raft

Colorado River

Whitmore Wash to Lake Mead
If you are short on time, this is absolutely the BEST Grand Canyon adventure you can have! Includes a stay at the Bar Ten Ranch on the North Rim, whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, a helicopter ride from the rim to the river, and round-trip transportation from Las Vegas, NV.
3-Day Motor April 15-17, May 8-10, June 4-6, June 26-28 $1,395.00
Add $12 park fee
4-Day Paddle
August 3-6 $1,695.00
Add $12 park fee
4-Day Rowing August 21-24, September 14-17 $1,695.00
Add $12 park fee

Grand Canyon Multi-Sport
Ranch and Raft

Colorado River

Whitmore Wash to Lake Mead
If you are short on time, this is absolutely the BEST Grand Canyon adventure you can have! Includes a stay at the Bar Ten Ranch on the North Rim, whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, a helicopter ride from the rim to the river, and round-trip transportation from Las Vegas, NV.
3-Day Motor May 13-15 $1480.00
+ $12 park fee
4-Day Paddle
Aug. 1-4 $1795.00
+ $12 park fee
4-Day Rowing Aug. 19-22, Sept. 12-15 $1795.00
+ $12 park fee
Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Map with Whitmore Wash, Lee's Ferry, Phantom Ranch, Lake Mead, Pierc

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip Options

Grand Canyon Ranch ad Raft Trip

Grand Canyon River Trip with Ranch

Rafting and Ranch Vacation

Multisport Trip in Grand Canyon

MultiSport Trip in Grand Canyon

Raft by Parashant Canyon

Bar 10 Ranch Activity

Raft aboard our Motorized 37' Rafts---- 3-Day Expedition

On these Grand Canyon rafting trips guests travel in style aboard our 37' rafts that are guided using quiet four stroke outboard engines. These trips are our most popular expeditions and are a great option for a Grand Canyon rafting vacation. The advantage these trips offer is a smaller time commitment and less expensive Grand Canyon experience, without missing any of the side canyons, hikes, and special places in the Grand Canyon. Our Motorized rafts offer a slightly tamer ride through Grand Canyon's rapids while still giving guests plenty of excitement. These trips are a great option for families and groups because 10-12 guests can ride on the same raft. Our 37' rafts are specially designed so everyone can take in a 360 degree view unlike some of our competitors whose boats are designed for guests to sit on one side of a gear pile on the raft. All of our motor trips are all-inclusive and include deluxe camping gear(cots, chairs, USA made sleeping bags, ground tarps, and tents if desired or necessary).

Non-Motorized Rafting Expeditions-----4-Days

If you want experience the Grand Canyon in a completely natural way you may decide a non-motorized rafting expedition is the right choice for you. Our non-motorized rafting expeditions are done via 18' row rafts where a guide does all the work, and 14' or 16' people powered paddle rafts, we never use motorized rafts on these trips. Not only do guests experience the Grand Canyon on nature's terms, but they also challenge the rapids of the Colorado River in all their power and glory.

Paddle Only Trips----4-Days

On these trips guests paddle the rafts all the time while our guide steers the raft. One of our 37' motor rafts carries all of the gear and supplies. This trip is for those who want to face the Grand Canyon rapids head on.


Custom, Private, and Charter Trips

If you have a group and want to charter your own private trip just let us know. We operate Grand Canyon Kayak Support trips on a regular basis and run multiple private charter trips each summer. We offer a discount for groups of 12 or more guests traveling together. For large group charters we can customize some aspects of the trip including hiking and meals.

Click on an item to learn more about our Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trips

The Ross Wheeler with Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafts in background
37' Motorized Grand Canyon Raft

Should you choose a motorized trip you will travel aboard a 37-foot motorized raft. Each raft accomodates about 12 passengers plus crew. Generally there are two rafts on each trip. We feel our motorized rafts are the best in the Grand Canyon. They are roomy and comfortable. In between rapids you can walk around, lean back on the side tubes, or even stretch out on the flat deck area at the front of our rafts. These boats carry everything you will need for the entire trip.

18 Foot Raft

Our 18-foot row rafts accomodate 4-5 passengers plus the guide who rows the boat.

Paddle Raft in Rapids

Our Paddle Rafts hold 6-8 passengers plus a guide who steers the raft. On our "Paddle Trips" guests paddle all of the time, on our "Rowing Trips" a paddle raft is available on a rotational basis.

Grand Canyon Dory

A Dory is available on many of our Grand Canyon rowing trips. A Dory holds 2-4 people and gives a great ride through the rapids.

Hiking up the Nankoweep Trail in Grand Canyon

To many people the off-river hiking is as spectacular as the river corridor itself. We specialize in off-river hiking on all of our river expeditions. We are certain you will see places on our expeditions most river travelers miss.

Demaree Bags

Upon arrival, each participant will be given a large water-proof bag for clothing and personal items. Another water-proof bag will contain your provided sleeping bag, foam Paco Pad, and a large plastic ground tarp. Our water-proof bags are 30 inches high and have a diameter of 14 inches.

Waterproof Dry Box

Each participant will also receive an ammo can. It is always readily accesible during the day and is the best place to keep sunscreen, cameras, notebooks, etc.

The Colorado RIver Kitchen

Our Kitchen includes everything we need to make delicious food. Dutch Ovens, Fire Pans, Propane Stove, Tables, Drink Coolers, and Under-Table Tarps to help us "Leave No Trace." Our boats carry everything we need for the entire trip.

Woman Sitting on Cot on River Trip

Cots are provided for all guests on our "Motorized Rafting" expeditions.

paco Pad

Wiggy's Sleeping Bags

Our sleep kit includes a fresly laundered sleeping bag. Our sleeping bags are made in the USA by Wiggy Inc. Wiggy also makes sleeping bags for the US Airforce.

Tent Photo

We supply tents from Kelty & ALPS, but generally the night sky is so spectacular that most people want to sleep out under the stars.

Camp Chairs

We supply camp chairs on all of our rafting expeditions.

Handwash set-up

A handwash device is set-up at lunch and in camp. It is mandatory for guests to wash hands before meals and after using the bathroom.

Bathroom facility on rafting trip

One of our toilets is always enclosed by a roomy yellow tent. It allows privacy as well as a place to change your clothes.

Toilet Photo

Our specially designed toilet makes the fear of using camp toilets go away. It is the most sanitary and clean toilet ever to be used on an outdoor expedition. It has a fly proof lid and utilizes a special chemical along with specially designed plastic bags that allow it to be set-up clean everyday. It has the ability to hold solid waste as well as urine. Along with the toilet, Lysol and toilet paper are always located inside the tent.

Hiking by Thunder River in the Grand Canyon from a whitewater river rafting expedition

Speak with a Grand Canyon Rafting Expert

We've done our best to design a website that is informative and easy to use, but we realize you may still have some questions. If that's the case, please call our office and get the information you need right away. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have been on all of the river trips offered by our company and can speak to you from experience. You won't have to press a sequence of buttons, and there's even a good chance one of our owners will answer the phone directly and assist you.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. We also check for messages over the weekend. Call us at (800) 253-7328.

We try to respond to email in a timely fashion, and so if it's more convenient for you to send us a note, just use this link:

Grand Canyon Photos

Grand Canyon Ranch and Raft Vacation

  • Bar ten Ranch signHorseback Riding, Skeet Shooting, ATV Rides........
  • Pumpkin SpringsPumpkin Springs
  • Girl in Covered WagonSleep in a Covered Wagon at the Bar 10 Ranch
  • Scenic Plane Ride From Las VegasUnloading after a flight from Las Vegas to the Bar Ten Ranch
  • Grand Canyon Motorized RaftRiding the Motorized Raft Down the Colorado River
  • Chuckawalla in Grand CanyonHiding in the Rocks
  • Camp across from TravertineSetting up Camp on a Ranch and Raft Trip
  • Panorama of Row RigsBeautiful Scenery Abounds
  • Oar RaftsOar Boats Challenge a Rapid in the Lower Granite Gorge
  • Bar 10 Ranch LayoutBar 10 Ranch Accomodations
  • Cots and TentsCots and Tents for a night of camping in the Grand Canyon
  • Grand Canyon Paddle RaftPaddle Rafts Require Precision and Teamwork
  • Bar Ten Ranch EntranceBar Ten Entrance
  • Ride a Horse at the RanchHorseback Riding
  • Bighorn Sheep in RocksBig Horn Sheep
  • Travertine Falls HikeTravertine Falls
  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride to RaftingA Helicopter Brings Guests From the Ranch to the River
  • Night Sky Free of Light PollutionThe Night Sky