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1-Day Rafting in Utah's Canyonlands

If your vacation plans bring you to Utah's canyon country, but you don't have time for a longer river trip, join us for one day of rafting on the Green or Colorado river. We offer trips on the Colorado River in Westwater Canyon and the Moab Daily section, we also offer trips on the Green River in Gray Canyon. A delicious lunch is included on all of our trips.


1-Day Rafting

Green & Colorado Rivers

From Moab, UT or Green River, UT
In addition to our multiday river expeditions, we also offer 1-Day Rafting Excursions on the Green River from Green River, Utah, and on the Colorado River from Moab, Utah. The full day rafting trip includes a delicious sandwich bar lunch with all the trimmings.
1-Day Rowing Westwater Canyon 1-Day Rafting
1-Day Rowing Moab 1-Day River Trip on the Colorado River
May 1-October 30 Call for Availability
1-Day Rowing Green River 1-Day River Trip on the Green River
May 1-October 30 Call for Availability
Ride the Colorado River in style via a hard-hulled Dory, from Moab, Utah
May 1-October 30 Min/Max of 4 participants, Call in advance to reserve your spot.
Map of 1-Day rafting around Utah

Our 1-Day Rafting Trip Options

Lunch on Westwater Canyon on a River Trip

Whitewater Dory River Trips

Westwater Canyon 1-Day

This trip has traditionally been rafted in 2-days, but in recent years it has become extremely popular as a 1-day section. This is one of the most beautiful sections of the Colorado River. The rapids in Westwater Canyon are always fun and exciting. We love to run this trip for groups and can supply roundtrip transportation from Green River, Utah or Moab, Utah. This is a very popular section and we have a limited amount of launch dates so it is a good idea to request this trip months in advance.

Moab Daily Section (also called Fisher Towers 1-Day)

This is the most popular 1-day stretch in Utah. There are plenty of small rapids and the scenery is out of this world. Float in your lifejacket, have a water fight, paddle your own "ducky" through the rapids, its all up to you. Just grab your hat, sunscreen, and swimsuit, we'll do the rest.

Green River Daily

This is the ticket if you want to have a fun day on the river with-out all of the crowds of Moab. Like the Moab section there are fun rapids and pretty scenery. We also offer the "ducky" option on this trip.

Whitewater Dory 1-Day

Experience the thrill of a hard-hulled boat on the mighty Colorado River. Our 1-Day Dory trips are limited to four people and are a great way to enjoy the river life. We can fully customize your 1-day Dory trip for you. Anything is possible with such a small intimate group.

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relaxing river trip free of cell phones
Row Raft on Daily Stretch

On a rowing raft a guides does all the work while guests enjoy the rapids, photograph the scenery, float in the river, have water fights, or sunbathe.

One Day Rafting on a paddle raft

6-8 guests paddle while a guide steers the raft from the back. This is a great option for those who want to be very active.

Inflatable Kayak

The inflatable kayak option is a great way to go for those who want to challenge the rapids on their own.

Dory on the Green River

The dory is a rigid hard hulled boat that gives a unique ride.

Westwater Lunch

The lunch table is full of fresh vegetables, delicious deli meats, fresh cheese, your favorite cookies, and potato chips.

One Day river trip on the Green River

Speak With A Rafting Expert

If you have any questions about the 1-day rafting trips, please feel free to call our office and get the information you need right away. Our office staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they can answer your questions or assist you with your arrangements. You will not have to press a sequence of buttons. There is a good chance one of our owners will answer the phone directly and assist you.

Call us now at (800)253-7328.

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