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Throwback Thursday Photo/Toner, Parks, and Kimo September 2002

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I took this photo in September of 2002 during a fall Colorado River & Trail Expeditions’ Canyonlands Hiking trip. The trips guides were John Toner, myself(Walker Mackay), Chris Parks, and Kimo Nelson. We had just finished a layover day at Upper Spanish Bottom and were rigging the boats in the pleasant early September morning sun. […]

Cataract Canyon Rafting-10 Things to Experience

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Cataract Canyon and Canyonlands National Park comprise an area of unique beauty. It is a land of rock, spires, arches, buttes, mesas, and pinnacles. Every season in Canyonlands is different and every day brings new offerings. Below is a list of 10 things one might experience on a Cataract Canyon rafting trip. There are thousands […]

Utah Rafting Predicted to Be Epic

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The Colorado River Basin Forecast Center report released on January 16, 2017 predicts an incredible summer of rafting on Utah’s Green and Colorado Rivers. The latest model predicts the water supply at Green River, Utah will be greater than 130% of normal, and the Colorado River at Cisco, Utah will be 110-130% of normal. These […]

Special Cataract Canyon Music, History, Stories, and Lore River Trip

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Celebrate Rivers and Canyons with Kate MacLeod and Ken Sanders Singer/Songwriter/Fiddler KATE MACLEOD and Storyteller, antiquarian bookseller, river historian KEN SANDERS will be joining forces with Colorado River & Trail Expeditions (CRATE) for a unique and unparalleled river trip down CATARACT CANYON of the Colorado River, June 26-July 1 2017. Six days on the Green and Colorado Rivers, culminating […]

Colorado River Dory and Music Trip–July 5-16, 2015

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Colorado River & Trail Expeditions will be running a Dory and Music trip July 5-16, 2015 through Utah’s Canyonlands.  The trip will start at Loma, Colorado near the Utah/Colorado stateline.  The trip will follow the Colorado River through Ruby, Horsethief, Westwater, and Cataract Canyons before ending at the headwaters of Lake Powell.  The trip will […]

Bring on the Snow

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  I’m learning to ski this winter, and it is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. It seems like my legs are always on fire as I struggle to hook the edges of my skis into the side of the mountain. They’re on fire when I’m standing in my boots […]

Flowers of the Canyon Country

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As the winter months bring snow and rain to the Canyon Country, the red desert sand becomes moist and fertile for the plants that find home here. With the warming spring temperatures, the landscape opens, bursting with colors to attract pollinators in hopes for reproduction. While some plants bloom consistently from year to year, others […]

Going Down Big- Cataract 2011

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The snowpack in the mountains of Utah in June, 2011 were 420% of average. The guides at Colorado River and Trail Expeditions knew that they were about to witness the Colorado River in flood stages that nobody had seen in nearly 30 years. In fact, the boatmen that were running the river in 1983 and […]

Colorado River Flows

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River Flow is an important things to know before going on a river trip.  In 2014 the Grand Canyon has seen some relatively low flows.  April and May had fluctuations between 5,500 cfs and 11,000 cfs, with the weekends, especially Sunday releases being much lower.  This is because the river is regulated by Glen Canyon […]

Canyonlands by John Wesley Powell

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As we all know JW Powell had a way with words and his descriptions of the Grand Canyon have rarely been equalled.  Having just finished a Spring rafting trip in Canyonlands National Park we had to share Powell’s diary entry from July 17, 1869.  This entry includes the last 40 miles of the Green River’s […]


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