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Experience the Ultimate Green River Rafting Trip Through Utah’s Desolation Canyon

A Green River rafting or float trip is the perfect vacation for so many different reasons. It is good for those who are itching to grab a paddle and run the rapids in an inflatable kayak, because the river has more than 60 class II-III rapids. It is also a great family trip because there are Green River float trip opportunities, many big beaches to play games on and a pace that is slow enough you can enjoy spending time in camp and hiking. In addition, the trip is full of off-river attractions including ancient rock art and ruins.

Desolation Canyon River Tours and Float Trips

Green River Rock artWe meet in the town of Green River, Utah, and begin the adventure with an amazing scenic flight up river to Sandwash, where the boats are waiting. Trips are generally 5 days in length. Desolation Canyon is rich in human history and Western lore – it contains archaeological ruins dating back more than a thousand years. The Green River starts gentle the first day of the trip, but by the end we will have traveled through more than 60 mild-to-wild rapids. Camping takes place on sandy beaches amongst groves of cottonwoods and sandbar willows. The trip ends the last morning at Swasey’s Beach, and participants are taken via a short van ride back to Green River.

Multi-Generational Rafting Tours and Float Trips

Desolation Canyon river tours are a delightful journey that can be enjoyed by people of almost all ages and varying interests and abilities. The minimum age for children is 6-8 years old. A river trip is a great vacation to take as a family or group because everyone is together. It is nice to escape the world of smart phones and computers and just enjoy each other’s company. We make our Green River tours affordable by offering discounted rates for children and groups.

Rafting and Float Trips – A Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder

Desolation Canyon Family RaftingNature Deficit Disorder refers to a hypothesis by Richard Louv in his 2005 book Last Child in the Woods that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors, and this has resulted in a wide range of behavioral problems. River rafting can be the solution! In addition, the only way to protect our open spaces is to show younger generations how to appreciate them. This appreciation comes from experiences, and there is no better wilderness experience than rafting down a river in a beautiful canyon with those you care about.

River Running Offers Learning Experiences for Everyone

Besides having fun, you will also be immersed in an environment that invites learning when you participate in a Green River rafting tour, float trip, or an experience in Desolation Canyon. From environmental ethics to geology, biology, and history, Desolation Canyon presents lots of learning opportunities. Our guides are great interpreters and storytellers.

Book Your River Expedition on Green River and Desolation Canyon

Experience the unique wonders of the great outdoors and create a lifetime’s worth of memories with our Green River rafting expeditions, river tours and float trips. Contact us today by email or by calling 1-800-253-7328 to book your next great adventure.

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Green River Rafting Trip Options in Desolation Canyon

5-Day All-Inclusive rafting with Inflatable Kayak Option

crateinc-kidsrafting-220x188This is our most popular Green River rafting expedition. The trip starts with a scenic flight up the Green River to Sandwash, where the river trip begins. The trip ends at the bottom of Swasey’s rapid. During the 84 mile trip participants have the option to challenge the rapids in their own inflatable kayak, or sit back and relax while the guides do the work.

In addition to the river portion guests have the option see ancient petroglyphs, hike through historic ranches, and play on sandy beaches. This is a great trip for families because of the great diversity in activities.

6-Day Women’s Rafting Retreat – June 19-24, 2018

crateinc-yoga-250x188Sun salutations, river-side yoga, good hikes, and exciting rapids! A great get-away for active women of all ages. Rev up your spirit in honor of the new solar year. Our Women’s Retreat is hosted by the CRATE Women and Ote Dale, veteran river guide, yoga instructor, and artist. Call our office for more information.

Celebration of Rivers and Canyons with Kate MacLeod – July 10-16, 2018

Performances inspired by the landscape and delightful sing-a-longs with composer and musician extraordinaire, Kate MacLeod. Our 2018 trip date is July 10-16. Additional information is available on our Schedule & Rates page, or you may call our office at 1-800-253-7328 to request a detailed flyer about the trip.

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