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River Piracy…Without the Skull and Crossbones

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Kaskawulsh Glacier, Slims River, and Kaskawulsh(Alsek) River and Stream Piracy due to Glacial Melting Over the past century many of the glaciers in Alaska and Canada have retreated due to Global Warming.  One of these glaciers is the Kaskawulsh Glacier located in the Yukon Territory of Canada.  This glacier has historically been the source of […]

What do rafting guides do in the offseason?

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One of the most common questions fielded by rafting guides is “What do you do in the offseason?”  As everyone knows guides work really hard during the river season.  Long hours, hard physical labor, and the mental challenges that go along with taking care of guests and other guides are the norm for the better […]

The Sierra Club Cup

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                  A few months ago while organizing and cleaning up some of our old gear we came across some “Colorado River & Trail Expeditions” stamped Sierra Club cups.  Before we switched over to insulated plastic and stainless steel cups 30 years ago, sometime in the 1980s we […]

Throwback Thursday Photo/Toner, Parks, and Kimo September 2002

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I took this photo in September of 2002 during a fall Colorado River & Trail Expeditions’ Canyonlands Hiking trip. The trips guides were John Toner, myself(Walker Mackay), Chris Parks, and Kimo Nelson. We had just finished a layover day at Upper Spanish Bottom and were rigging the boats in the pleasant early September morning sun. […]

Another Grand Canyon Mystery with Unusual Suspects

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  ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It was an exchange day. We had all awoken an hour pre-dawn, made coffee, packed bags, cooked breakfast, taken down the kitchen and bathroom and were loading the last pieces of odd shaped gear onto our 3 small oar rafts and 1 paddle raft when Chad came up to me and mentioned he […]

Save the Date – Green River Diversion Dam

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USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Utah, in conjunction with the Green River Conservation District and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF), will open the Green River Dam rehabilitation project to interested members of the public and media on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 in Emery County. The event will take place at the […]

A Big Day Below Diamond Creek: A Guest’s Perspective

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It can be hard to know what exactly our clients are thinking when shenanigans occur on a river tip. Except, perhaps, in this case. Here is CRATE passenger Art Hoover’s colorful, ever-so-slightly embellished account of the events that took place below Diamond Creek during a 10,000 cfs flash flood on August 7. I would like to add […]

A Big Day Below Diamond Creek

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Hello river enthusiasts! Here’s my account of navigating the river during our last Grand Canyon motor trip after some wild weather produced one of the largest flash floods I’ve ever witnessed. Upon later investigation, I learned this particular flood peaked at 10,000 cfs, which is nearly the volume of the river itself.  Enjoy! – Mikenna […]

Karma, Fate, and Rediscovery–Grand Canyon Style

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May 5, 2015 …Ahh Shinumo Creek. It was starting to get a little later in the day than most trips stay on the water, but I have always like to “stretch” the days and get as much in as possible on the trips I run, thus seeing and doing as much as possible. As Martha […]

Lineage of Grand Canyon Boatman

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  It is easy to see why working for Colorado River and Trail Expeditions is an ideal place to work. We are a family, where past and present crew members are all a part of that legacy. As current guides, we hear stories about the first generation boatman, the second generation and the third. We […]


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