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CPAP in the Outdoors

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  CPAP in the Outdoors Abel O. Nelson Approximately 22 million Americans have some form of sleep apnea; I am one of those fortunate folks and must use a CPAP machine to treat the condition. I have not allowed it, however, to impede my enjoyment of spending time outdoors, most often as a commercial river guide. Mount Sinyala […]

The Sierra Club Cup

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                  A few months ago while organizing and cleaning up some of our old gear we came across some “Colorado River & Trail Expeditions” stamped Sierra Club cups.  Before we switched over to insulated plastic and stainless steel cups 30 years ago, sometime in the 1980s we […]

Chicken Salad Recipe

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Over the years, we’ve had many compliments and questions about the meals we prepare on our river trips.  We thought we would share a recipe with those of you who would like to try preparing one of more popular lunches at home. Chicken Salad Wraps (Serves approx. 5) – 2-3 Cans (7.5 oz) Canned Chicken- […]

Take Action Now to Save the Grand Canyon Again!

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A new bill, that would be detrimental to the Grand Canyon, has been introduced by Senators McCain(AZ) and Hatch(UT), among others, that would block the United States Department of the Interior from implementing a 20-year moratorium on new uranium mining near Grand Canyon National Park. It is absolutely necessary that everyone spreads the word about […]

Grand Canyon, a poem byAmil Quayle

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Grand Canyon I speak now of that Grand Canyon which lies within each of us. There are pre-Cambrian rocks at the center, the core, and talus from yesterday’s fall; marble and granite grown hard from the pressure and heat of heartbreak and passion; crumbling sandstone, layer on layer of sediment, sentiment piled on over a […]

Happy 95th Birthday National Park Service!

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Today marks the 95th Birthday of the National Park Service.  The National Park Service Organic Act was signed on August 25, 1916 by Woodrow Wilson establishing the National Park Service as an agency of the United States Department of the Interior.  The act was sponsored by Representative William Kent (I) of California and Senator Reed Smoot (R) […]

What does CRATE stand for in the rafting world?

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Colorado River & Trail Expeditions is our official company name. Most of our friends and guests over the years refer to our rafting company as CRATE. CRATE is an acronym that stands for Colorado River & Trail Expeditions. When our company first formed in 1971 the only section of river we ran was the Colorado […]

Summer Nights On The River

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There is an old Mormon hymn that ends with the words, “Day is done; all is well.” This is the feeling one gets on the river as daylight fades to dusk and then to darkness. With the sound of the river flowing nearby and the touch of a warm and gentle breeze wafting off the […]


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